In Memory of Lisa

God needed one more angel child
Amidst his shining band
And so he bent with loving smile
And clasped our darling's hand.

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Name: Lisa K. Marto

(aka Gaudenzi)

Race: Caucasian

Age: 31 At the time of Disappearance

Dob: 10/4/64

Hair: Dirty Blonde / Light Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'

Weight: 105 lb

Distinguishing Features: Intense Dental work from car accident .

Investigating Agency: Virginia State Police ( Special AgentJames R.Lyons )


Agency Number: (804) 553-3476

NCIC # M-806169879

Lisa was last seen Thursday Jan. 26, 1995 in the vicinity of Ruther 

Glen, Caroline County, VA. with her husband Lawrence Gaudenzi.

Lisa was on active duty with the US Army at the time of her

Disappearance. She was to report to Fort Lee, VA. Friday January 27,

1995 for officers training, and never arrived.  As of May 6th 2009

Lawrence pleaded guilty.  The plea came a day and a half into the trial.

We found the murderer now we still have to find Lisa.  A murderer,

after admitting killing her in open court conveniently said he did

not remember where he buried her remains.  What person in the 

entire world after committing a premeditated and planned murder

with all the details conveniently forgets what he did with her remains

after he killed her.  That is his biggest lie.

Finally on June 9, 2010 he agreed to reveal the resting place of Lisa.                            Her remains were put to rest at South Florida National 

Cemetery, in Lake Worth Fl. with complete Military Honor’s.

Lisa now walks with the Lord for all eternity.       

For there is good people left in this world like Tony Spencer and all

of the agents of the Virginia State Police who worked on this case.

With out them he would not be in prison today.

Justice has prevailed.

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